Monday, June 14, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I love going on holidays but getting back home and sleeping in my own bed is the best!!  This past weekend, mom and I went to Edmonton to watch my cousins year end dance recital. While we were there, I of course made sure to go shopping at the West Edmonton Mall.  I'm such a tourist.  I've been there a million times but I can never get enough.  I love this mall!  We even got to see Two Toed Sloths:

Who knew they could be so cute?  They were totally performing for the crowd.  Hanging upside down and chasing one another.
And of course we had to hit Whyte Ave.  my other favourite place.  Among other things, I managed to go to a cool candy store:

and get my fortune told by Zoltar:

I also went to a cool cupcake shop called Fuss Cupcakes and had an outrageously good vanilla bean cupcake.  Yummy!  Funny how my favourite stores usually involve food!  I'm making it my mission to visit every cool cupcake shop in any city I visit from now on.  When I was in Vancouver in March I went to the Original Cupcakes shop and it blew my mind.  I'm thinking of dedicating a journal strickly to cupcake shop reviews and consumption logs.  Whaddya think?
Since I've been away for a few days my postcrossing cards have made it to their destinations so now I get to send out more!  I love mail.  Speaking of which, right before I left, one of my happy mail partners sent me a card.  Thanks Cristina!
Hope you are having a great Monday.

Miss Doe

P.S.  Tonight I am going to see this movie.  So excited!

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