Thursday, May 20, 2010

Photo mania et al

So this past couple of weeks, besides completing all of the prompts for the "Tell Your Story" class, I have been taking tons of pictures.  Instax, film, digital and on my iphone.  I have been particularly enjoying the Lo-mob app (thanks Elsie!).  Here's a few:

I am totally loving my iphone!  For those of you looking for a creative boost and some ideas for a travelling art kit, read Elaine's post here.  While you're there check out her other posts for instant inspiration.  

Getting ready for our Canadian May long weekend.  Monday is Victoria Day.  Most of my crazy buddies are going camping even though it never fails to snow on May long.  Good luck kids!  Stay warm! I am going to Grande Prairie, AB to hit the malls and Michaels.  Yay me!  Now hopefully I can talk mom into eating at the Wok Box, super yum!

For all of you who are taking the TYS class, I'll see you at tomorrow's chat! 

NB:  I just realized how much I have been using the exclamation mark in this post.  I'd apologize but I'm just super cheery and happy to be blogging again.  Yay!

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