Monday, August 30, 2010

These are a few of my favourite things...

  1. my red lined moleskine
  2. typing random quotes on my typewriter
  3. photobooth pics - thinking of making a scrapbook of these
  4. my leather hobo bag (it holds everything)
  5. what's in your bag flickr stream
  6. caramel apple spice hot cider from Starbucks
  7. Nanny McPhee Returns - such a good movie
  8. Autumn
  9. paper garland diy's
  10. halloween costumes for the pug (I promise I'll post a pic)
What are some of your favourite things?


Kaleena J. said...

oh you know:
bread sticks,
footie pajamas,
harry potter

Gracie said...

Thank so much for your comment :) I adore your list! Moleskines are my friend!

I love

mail and letters
ballet flats
The Hunger Games trilogy

Oh and I'm letting you know that you were one of the first 10 commenters on my Spread the Love post. So if you could email me a your full name and address I will send out a little card for you ;)


Bianca J said...

Hiya Jane,
My red lined Moleskine is one of my favourite things too.

I just had to write you to tell you that a package arrived at my house this morning (about ten minutes ago) from you! I checked the postmark and could have gasped. 27th of May?! Well, the postal system was not in my favour with your parcel!

I had my mail redirected back in July when I moved interstate and it seems that the parcel had a big stop off over at customs where they inspected (but thankfully did not steal) the tea and then it somehow didn't get picked up for redirection and arrived at my old house where my ex-housemate had no idea what to do with it, as he has never sent a letter. He kept it for about two months with me leaving him angry Facebook messages each week saying "just put it back in a postbox, it will get redirected!", so eventually I got my mum to pick it up for me, but then she went to Fiji and forgot to send it. Finally my sister readdressed it and added more postage and it found me! Phew! And, of course it was well worth the wait - the things you included are delightful. I will definitely fast-track you a little package asap. Thank you so much :) I guess good things come to those who wait!
x :)

Karolina said...

cappuccino in the morning
my kitty
porcelain cups

I found just found your blog and I think it would be great if we could be penpals.. What do you think?