Sunday, March 20, 2011

Books on Journal Writing

Hey there! I know it's been a while.  I'm fighting the winter blahs.  It's the first day of Spring and we are expected to get 18cm of snow by tonight.  I think it must be close by now, it's snowed all day long!
When it snows outside, I like to sit in my big comfy chair with a cup of tea (or a Chai Tea Latte from Sbux) and read a good book.  I try and read fiction and non-fiction at the same time so that when I get tired of one, I can read the other.  Right now I am reading this:

and this:

Sherlock Holmes books are written as diary entries of a sort by Watson.  I watched the series on the BBC this Christmas and was hooked.  The books are even better. 
So far, I am finding Tristine Rainer`s book very interesting and inspiring.  I try to write in my journal at least once a day and sometimes I`m at a loss for what to write about.  She provides many different writing styles and reasons why to write to keep me going.  I am not done reading the book yet, however, I would recomend it so far!
And although this is not my beloved Moleskine - here`s a bit of inspiration for you.  I found it via a link on Shaynie`s blog.  You should check her blog out too, she`s one cool girl!


Anonymous said...

It's a little late, but I wanted to make sure I said thank you for the postcard! It was so lovely to hear from you- thanks for reading and saying hello! Great book tips! I'm always looking for new reads. xo.

Linda Pochinda said...

I adore sherlock holmes! actually we are reading the stories about him in our danish class. it's amazing!!! :D

richelle jean said...

i know what you mean about squeezing in a nonfiction while reading a fiction... i get like that too!

Gracie said...

Thanks for entering my giveaway :) I love your answers of course!