Sunday, September 11, 2011

Another new journal

When choosing a journal to write in, I almost always use a moleskine.  This summer however, I decided that I would try again to change my habits as I have been looking for a thicker book to write in.  I wanted something with a lot of pages, something substantial.  So when I was in Spokane, I went to a Barnes and Noble and picked up a Miquelrius notebook.  It was appealing to me on several levels.  First of all, it was thick.  Even though it was quite a substantial notebook, it wasn't heavy and it was small enough to comfortably fit in any of the bags I own.  This is a must with any journal I have as I tote them with me everywhere. 

Secondly, it has gridded pages that allow me to write as large or as small as I want and I quite like the look of my writing against the lines of the graph paper.  This is also very helpful when it comes to creating my monthly calendar. 

Third and not least of all, it was very inexpensive; only $9.99 US, which this summer was an even better deal for me because the Canadian dollar was doing so well!  So far, I have been using my new notebook, whom I've since dubbed Scarlett, since the end of August.  Admittedly, only a couple of weeks but that's about 10 days longer than any of my other attempts at using something other than a Moleskine to write it have lasted.

What kind of notebook/journal are you using?

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