Wednesday, September 14, 2011


My 8 year old niece is wise beyond her years.  I'm always astonished by the things she says (most of the time in a good way!).  The other day she was getting me to write down a list of things she wanted for her birthday and she asked that I write "Birthday Wishes".  She asked me if I wanted to know why she called them wishes and I said yes.  She told me that she calls it a wishlist because you're supposed to write down all of the things that you wish for, not just the things that you hope to get.  Not surprisingly, the item on the top of her list is a great dane!   She teaches me to hope and dream for things, even if they seem so far out of my reach.  Oh how I love her for that.
I think that I'll write a list of my wishes.  Maybe for things that I hope to manifest in my life more than the material things I want, although that couldn't hurt either!  Let me know if any of you have lists like this.  Do you keep them up to date?  Do they help you reach your goals and live your dreams?


Gracie said...

Wow those are some wise words coming from someone so young. I like to write wish lists. I do think they help me go for my dreams because writing them down makes them more real.

Emily said...

What great words! Love your blog! Now following! :]

amber said...

Those *are* great words!

So much has been written about the importance of writing down your goals/dreams. I have never done that in a formal way, but I did find that when I wrote down a few ideas and hopes for my blog, I was more inspired to follow through with them. Weird how that works! Maybe it's about prioritizing--maybe when we see it on paper we realize or acknowledge it as a priority.

I scrolled through your blog the other day on my phone and just tonight am commenting (on the computer). I share your love of Sharpies and moleskines and writing!! :)

Jelisaveta Đukanović said...

Beautiful! You have a really nice blog here! I like your posts! :)

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