Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Internet, books and other things!

I am so excited to finally have my internet working again.  A super nice technician came over this morning and spent like 4 hours working on my telephone line etc.  Crazy!  Now I can log on whenever I want.  For the past week I have been randomly looking at my modem and if the Internet light suddenly goes on, I rush to the computer and log on and stay on until it quits again.  Pathetic, no?  Having a forced vacation from the internet did have it's benefits.  I got a lot of pages in my art journal completed.  Suzanne, in answer to your last comment, I am loving the class too.  And I will try the red velvet cupcakes for sure (only 3 sleeps left!).  I also read an entire book on Sunday.  For some reason I'm on a Nicholas Sparks kick.  After seeing Dear John, I decided to read "One Last Song".  I want to see the movie but the book is usually better.  I have to admit it was good.  I feel weird admitting that I read books by Nicholas Sparks and enjoy them.   Sometimes, I just need a break from the heavy stuff.  Surprisingly, I cried for the last few chapters of this book.  It was sad and hit a little too close to home.  Now I am reading ``Travelling with Pomegranates`` by Sue Monk Kidd and her daughter Ann.  So far it`s really good.  I liked her other books too.  Especially this one.
And in totally unrelated news, I saw these today and think I have to get one (the toy, not the dog) for Ruby:

Go here to get one (it`s a ball with a mustache on the end)

Have a great Tuesday!

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