Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Today I have been trying to think about what happiness means to me.  True pure happiness.  Do I remember a time when I felt truly happy with no worries, anxiety or guilt?  I'm not an unhappy person, usually I'm quite happy but to me, in order to be truly happy or blissful, I would have to be completely free of all of these.  I don't think anyone over the age of 1 can ever be completely blissful.  Maybe the Dalhai Lhama or truly spiritual people.  Is this true?  Will I only ever to be able to catch fleeting moments of happiness?  Maybe this is better than being happy all of the time, I will appreciate it more.  My hope is that the time between these fleeting moments becomes less as I let things go.

**These musings were prompted by this.  I love that I am thinking hard about these things instead of just walking blindly through life**

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Corey said...

I think you are setting yourself up to fail. You don't need to be free of worry, anxiety or guilt to be truly happy. You just need to be happy. You. Nothing external can influence your perceptions of happy unless you let it. I am not talking about walking around in a daze not acknowledging the goings on in your life. Deal with the yuck things and move on. You simply must train the thoughts in your head to be the ones you like. Don't let you consciousness govern you, you govern your consciousness.