Saturday, April 24, 2010

Weekend Fun

So firstly, I have to tell you the reason behind my lack of posting.  I got one of these:

I am soooooo excited!  I have been busy taking pics and buying apps and researching the best apps and finding the best cases. And since I now have a phone that does virtually everything, I have been surfing the net and messaging like a crazy woman.
Anyhow, we used my iphone to help us geocache this weekend.  It was my first time and my mom and my neice came along on Friday night to see what we could find.  It was tons of fun and we found the two caches that we chose.  Today we went out again and found two but could not find two others.  Later in the afternoon, we decided that we had so much fun that we had to show my other neice and nephew how to do it.  It took us awhile but we found two more caches.  I think we're all addicted! 

taken with my iphone (hipstamatic app)

Happy Saturday!!!


hotpinkgiraffe said...

What app did you use to geocache with your phone??? I want to try it out so bad and I know the iPhone is capable to work as a gps but haven't quite figured it out.
I just discovered your blog through the "Tell Your Story" comments and I love it! Adding you to my google reader right after this comment :)

Holly said...

i kinda am in love with my iphone. sad but true. right now it's broken and i'm waiting for apple to send me my replacement. nice. but sad. i feel like i've lost a limb. anyways, have fun geocachine!!