Monday, April 12, 2010


Hello friends.  My haitus lasted a little longer than I thought it would (or should) but I don't want to post just for the sake of posting.  I want to post when something inpires me and I want to share that inspiration too.  Lately I have been testing out new ways to take cool pics.  I ordered these last week:
redscale film (ebay)

Diana SLR Lens Adaptor

I am beyond excited to get started taking more pics with these.  Plus I have been reading tutorials on how to re-load a one time use camera with new film and take more than one shot on each frame.  I haven't tried it yet but when I do, I will post the results here.
In other news, I signed up to take this class and I am really super ecstatic about it.  Cannot wait to begin.  I have started the first two page prompts and will post when they are complete.

More to come soon~Ms. Doe

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Stephanie said...

I nominated you as a beautiful blogger!! Check out my blog for details <3