Saturday, February 27, 2010

First Entry into my Passions Film Moleskine Journal

So this afternoon, mom and I decided to go to this movie.  It was so good.  It was scary but you have to really think about things and listen hard or you will  miss things.  The movie was longer than most at 138 minutes but I didn't feel like it dragged at all.  The music alone was enough to put me on edge!  Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo did a great job. Leo even had the Boston accent down (or at least what my Canadian perception of a Boston accent is!) and those boys are not exactly hard on the eyes.  Ben Kingsley played the role of cheif Psychiatrist and he did it creepily well.  Love, love, loved it!  I'd totally recommend it.  Martin Scorsese has done it again.  Brilliant movie.  I can't say too much more because I don't want to spoil it for anyone.  Go and see it and you'll know what I mean. 

In other news, tonight, the girls and I went to my friend Lea's house for a Phillipino feast.  It was beyond delicious.  I should have written the names of all of the dishes down so I could tell you.  Mmmmm.  I took some pics but honestly, I'm too stuffed and too tired to upload them.  Maybe tomorrow...  Until then, have a great Saturday night!

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justinee said...

Ive been wanting to see that movie..everyone says its good. I just need to stop being lazy! haha.