Sunday, February 21, 2010

Inspiration and Anticipation

Hope you guys are having a great weekend.  Mine was pretty busy.  I finally managed to complete Elsie's journal DIY.  Well almost anyway.  I will post some pics after I have finished embellishing them.  Between doing some spring cleaning and recycling I have been reading these:

If you are into art journaling or reading artists' blogs, these magazines are worth a read.  They are on the expensive side ($15.99 per issue) but they come out quarterly and are packed with images and information.  I can see myself looking back over them for inspiration or tips so I think it's money well spent.
I am getting pretty excited to do some art journaling.  I have been gathering stuff for Vivianna's class and checking out other participants' blogs and I cannot wait.  I might start early and do a bit of warm up just to get a feel for it.  I'm a bit rusty. I have done a few pages in the past but I want to make it more of a regular thing, something that I can do to get inspired and a way to work on my "type A" tendencies.  I have been trying to let go of my expectation that everything turn out perfectly, sometimes it's hard to let go when I have something in mind and it doesn't work out exactly the way I'd planned.  I am hoping art journaling will give me a place to get used to making "mistakes" and messing around.   Do any of you deal with perfectionist tendencies?  If so, how do you get over it?

Have a happy Sunday!

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Stephanie said...

I have a number of these magazines and they are so worth the money. I have some from last year and I always look back on them and find things I overlooked the first time I read through it. :)