Saturday, February 13, 2010

Meet Ruby

This post is largely in reaction to a comment my friend made.  He joked that the reason to I started this blog was to post tons of pictures of my puppy in sweaters, like a shrine.  I have to admit that lately I've been obsessed with her because she's just a little pup and she's oh so sweet.  How could I not post a least one or two (or five) pics of her?
This is her whaddya lookin' at? face.

I got her on New Years Eve.  My friend Sam and I drove to Grande Prairie to pick her up.  I was super worried that something was wrong with her because she slept in Sam's arms the entire time we were at the breeders and then all the way home ( a two and a half hour drive).  Turns out that she and her brothers and sisters had been sleeping in the same cage but were about to be split up because they played all night!  So I guess she was just sleep deprived.  She was much more alert the next day but she still needs a lot of sleep because she's a puppy.  I'm so neurotic that when I was at the breeders, I was also worried that there was something wrong with her tail because it wasn't curly.  Her (eight year old) daughter pointed out that when pugs sleep, their tails relax and uncurl.  Who knew?

Recently, I've taken to calling her Ruby Pirhanna because all she does is attack my feet!  Puppy teeth are super sharp.  I bought her a teething ring and everything, just like Cesar said but to no avail, my feet are still her favourite thing to chew.

I love, love, love my puppy. She's 3 months old now.  Time flies. 
And Corey this ones for you:

And one more just because

I, Jane Cullen, do solemly swear, that I will not abuse this blog by hyper-posting pics of my dear Rubes.  (fingers crossed behind my back)

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Corey said...

Hahaha Good on you Jane!!
I have been properly put in my place!