Thursday, February 18, 2010


I have a thing for lists.  There is something satisfying about writing things down in point form and crossing them off when they are completed.  I like seeing things I love, want to buy, have to pack etc. in list form.  If I had any drawing talent at all, I would draw my lists.  I just love making them.  Most of them are written in my journal. 

I make to-do lists, lists of movies I want to see, books I want to read, stuff I want to buy, things that make me happy, things I am looking forward to, passwords I need, websites I like, just to name a few.  I love looking back on my lists and remembering where I was when I wrote it or what my mindset was.

In my day-planner, I write all kinds of random things in list order.  Stuff that I need to do, stuff I did, favourite tv shows that are on that night.  I highlight them or colour around them.  Sometimes I think I might just do stuff so I can write it down and cross it off.  How neurotic is that??

If I am not carrying my journal with me (which is rare but has happened), I write lists on whatever is handy and usually end up pasting them into my journal.  I attribute my affinity for lists to my elementary school teachers.  Homework was written in list form, spelling lists, word lists, things to bring to school lists, things to pack for school trips.  They are to blame for my obsession.  I have to thank them though, I have become a much more organized and productive person by making these lists.  Not to mention they make me sooooo happy!
I also find that lists help to organize my thoughts so if I am trying to make difficult decisions, a pro/con list helps.  And when I really want to buy something that I don't acutally need, I write a wish-list and then if I still want it later on, I buy it but often my urge passes and I am satisfied with what I have.
What kind of lists to you make?

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