Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snail Mail Happiness

Yesterday, this came in the mail for me. I was/still am sooooo excited.  I ordered this stuff last week and it came super quick, all the way from Japan!

This is a book to store all (well at least 80) of my instax photos.  This is what it looks like inside:

I might have to do something creative to funk it up a bit on the outside.  It's a little too plain for me.  I also got a bag for my instax mini 25:

I love it!  I might also have to make it a little prettier.  Any ideas?  And last but not least, I needed more film before my trip to Vancouver in March.

I love getting mail so much that I think I might subconsiously be ordering stuff just so I can get packages!  I told myself that this was all necessary because I want to be able to take and store a lot of pics of my buddies and I when we're in Vancouver.
I know lots of people have the Instax Mini 7 but I bought the Mini 25 because it has a mirror on the front so that you can set up self portraits really easily.  No messing up and wasting film.  Since this has always been a problem for me, (maybe due to la total ack of hand, eye coordination, lol!) I figured this was an option I couldn't live without.  Plus it zooms in a bit, for a clearer picture.  I heart it.  I have had it for a little less than a year and I haven't used it as much as I want to.  Lately I've picked it up again and am snapping away like crazy!  Here's my  baby:

Happy Wednesday!

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PaperCameraScissor said...

o wow you got a super color !! I don't think I have seen it before.

I also agree the book needs an uplift. ---:D